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Our Programs

We are committed to protecting and promoting the interests of business and professional women within our Association and our communities served.  Programs are the core of the NANBPWC, Inc.

A Message From Our

National First Vice President

Our Program Focus….


The National First Vice President is responsible for overseeing and administering National mandated programs in the areas of Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Technology and Service.   The current National program theme is L.E.T.S. Make Your Strategic Impactful Program (S.I.P.) Count!  The overall objective and program focus is to achieve maximum success on the local, district and national levels for program compliance.  What we do matters!  Programs in Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Technology and Service are the “why and how” we remain an integral part of our communities on a global level offering exemplary service.   Our “Service” area includes Health, Education, Employment and Economic Development – H.E.E.D.  Clubs identify local and societal needs and implement programs to address the issues in their communities.

-Dr. LaTaunya V. Conley